Beautiful things.....

Beautiful things.....
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miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

My Sew Room

Is so important have a space to only sew and create our craft pieces.

For that reason I´m looking inspiration pictures to DIY decor to my sew room, I have a room in my home that I used for that but I want something stylish, feminine and functional. Actually I make my pieces in my bedroom, because sometimes is too easy stay there and when Morpheus come to me,zzzzzzzzz.......

So I have a few pieces in that room like a big table to cut fabrics, a vintage dresser, that I want to paint with a new brigthful color, but I know that my mother kill me if I do that, the dresser can be use for keep my fabrics and materials, I have to organize them.

The room have a closet for others things, I have a small table from Ikea ( thanks God that exist!!! jajajaja)to put little details and make others pieces with sew machine.

In the next weeks I´ll show the progress.

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